John has over 40 years experience in international trade, including serving with the Australian Customs Service and has significant expertise in Customs clearance and related matters. He was also a member of the Australian Taxation Office tax technical rulings panel for over 8 years and continues to be a member of various Australian Taxation Office Fuel and Excise forums.


  • Advising and Acting in relation to customs, excise, imports, exports and trade related matters.  John joined the Australian Customs Service in 1968 and spent over 20 years with Customs covering both physical and documentary aspects of various compliance areas, including excise.  He also worked in the areas of  warehousing, invoice room, investigations and training
  • Conducting training courses throughout Australia and Pacific rim countries on investigation and audit techniques, tariff classification, Customs valuation, and compliance requirements
  • Advising large multinational and listed Australian companies on various Customs and Excise matters.  He developed an industry wide policy on Customs and Excise refunds on certain Customable or Excisable goods  He also developed strategies to assist companies with Customs and Excise payments, warehousing, licensed manufacturing activities and related compliance requirements.  Excise matters covered the complete range of excisable goods including all petroleum based products, as well as alcohol and tobacco products
  • Providing advice on the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax and also assisted large claimants with diesel fuel rebate and energy grants credits matters
  • Advising large multinational and listed Australian companies on a wide range of Customs and Excise matters as well as energy grants and fuel credit matters.  He has substantial experience, in particular, with the excise treatment of fuels and cost reductions that can be achieved by way of duty deferral techniques, government grants or fuel credits
  • Providing practical advice on a range of importing, exporting and trade related services to assist clients involved in international and local trade including the consideration of GST matters.  John provides specialist advice on federal government grants, for example the Energy Grants Credit Scheme and the Fuel Credits scheme, to enable businesses to reduce their operating costs


  • External Member, Australian Taxation Office Indirect Taxes Rulings Panel for Product Benefits, Energy Grants and Fuel Credits