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Our Expertise

Agribusiness & Plant Science

It’s estimated that to meet the world’s food requirement in 2050 agricultural production will need to increase by over 50%. Feeding the world’s population over the next 20-30 years will require as much food as has been produced over the last 16,000 years. The Agribusiness and Plant Science industry is transforming to meet these challenges.

We have a team of industry and multi-disciplinary Agribusiness Law experts who have a  thorough understanding of Agribusiness and the Plant Science industry, from the breeder and grower/farmer, to crop protection companies, to the marketing and distribution companies, to the food processors and manufacturers and to the lenders.

We have extensive experience in:

  • technology transactions
  • intellectual property including PBR
  • crop protection and seed movement
  • agriculture lending and recoveries
  • commercial transactions
  • litigation
  • financial transactions and loans
  • preparation and registration of security interests over livestock and crops
  • business structuring
  • land use planning and environment
  • regional planning
  • agricultural enterprises
  • government
  • food safety and labelling
  • marketing and transportation
  • agribusiness succession planning, estates, probate and land law

Our experience includes, as an example:

  • Acting for a Western Australian commercial cereal breeder, in  respect of a number of matters including in respect of:
    • Long term Collaboration and Research Agreement with a multi-national.
    • A global alliance for breeding and commercialisation with multi-national
    • A Commercialisation Agreement with a leading Australian agri-business
    • The assignment and licensing of intellectual property with State and Commonwealth Governments
    • Advice concerning a shareholders' agreement
  • Acting for an agricultural CRC in respect of a number of matters including:
    • A collaboration and research agreement with a New Zealand and a Victorian state owned enterprise
    • A collaboration and research agreement with multiple universities
  • Advised a Commonwealth Government Agency in respect of an international agricultural research alliance
  • Acted for a Victorian University in respect of the Biosciences Research Project
  • Acted for the Australian Wheat Board (AWB) in reviewing standard form security, rural trade finance and stock and crop transport and storage agreements including updating security documents following the deregulation of the water market in Victoria and the commencement of the Water Act Register