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Solomon Miller, Anita Courtney and Sophie Bolzonello have been published in Community Care Review magazine

RK Principal Solomon Miller, Senior Associate Anita Courtney and Lawyer Sophie Bolzonello have had an article published in Community Care Review magazine, 'Will you be on the hook for clients’ overspending?'.

The rise of online care worker platforms and increased levels of self-management mean providers should take steps to minimise the risk of clients overspending their home care budgets.

One of the key objectives of consumer directed care is to give clients more control over who provides them with services and to increase the level of control they have over their package.

With more clients self-managing their package and engaging their own service providers including through online platforms, providers have less control over package expenditure. In some cases, clients are even engaging service providers directly without consulting their case manager.

There are a number of ways that approved providers can mitigate the risk of clients overspending.

Read the full article here.

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