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Andrew Chalet has been quoted in The Age

Intellectual Property Principal, Andrew Chalet, has been quoted in The Age about how business owners need to be aware that copying or ripping off business products is a common occurrence.

Andrew recommends business owners take a "holistic approach" and think about what can be done to make life difficult for potential infringers. 

"In terms of protecting an idea, you only have two ways of doing that; seeking a patent protection for which you need an inventive step and if you can't seek patent protection you need to keep something confidential, which is difficult to do when it comes to fast-moving consumer goods," Andrew says. 

Andrew recommends that businesses should register trademarks if they have strong branding, protect any design elements on a product and register certain types of products as registered designs.

"The most important thing is to then enforce your rights when you have got some," he says. "Most of the planned infringers assume you are not going to take legal action. The commercial answer is to reinforce your own brand so people say 'No I only want that brand, that is the one I want' and they won't buy the imitation." 

Read the full article here.

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