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Russell Kennedy Health Insights 25 June 2018

The latest insights from our Health Law team.

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Royal Children’s Hospital launches real-time emergency department updates

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The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) recently launched an online portal which allows parents to gauge how busy the Emergency Department is in real-time, 24 hours a day.  The tool was developed in response to research which found that more than 60 per cent of patients with non-life-threatening illnesses sidestepped their local hospital and instead faced long delays at the RCH.

The status guide has three categories: normal activity, very busy and extremely busy.  Parents are advised that during extremely busy periods, wait times of more than four hours may be required before their child can be seen by a doctor.

This new tool helps parents understand when to bring their child to the Emergency Department and when it may be better to visit their local hospital or seek advice from a GP.

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Taskforce to map out stronger community health services in Victoria

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The Community Health Taskforce ("Taskforce") has been established to advise the Victorian Government on opportunities to strengthen community health services to better meet the healthcare needs of vulnerable Victorians.

Mr Phillip Bain, former chief executive of Plenty Valley Community Health, will chair the Taskforce.  Members from community health services, as well as representatives from the Victorian Healthcare Association, other key organisations and service users will also be included as part of the Taskforce.

The Taskforce will work with community health services, peak bodies, key organisations and communities to set out plans to grow the sector, so that it can provide Victorians with more support and treatment they require.

Read the Government’s media release here.

Improved Health and justice outcomes for Victorians

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To ensure vulnerable Victorians continue to have access to justice, the Victorian Government is providing $1.6 million of funding to Health Justice Partnerships. The money will be distributed amongst eight Health Justice Partnerships throughout Victoria until 2020.

These Partnerships allow lawyers from community legal centres to be included in health care teams and advise on health law and other issues.

The benefits of these partnerships were recognised by the Royal Commission into Family Violence and Access to Justice Review. The funding will allow these partnerships to extend their reach amongst the Victorian community.

Read the full media release, including the supported partnerships, here.

Digital health meets international sport

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ASX listed Melbourne based digital health company Global Health has announced its partnership with Jobs4Sport digital platform to enable athletes to take their medical records with them when they move between countries and clubs.

Digital medical records will be accessible through Global Health’s Lifecard app which will be connected to the Federal Government’s My Health Record by September 2018.

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