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Male Champions of Change at Russell Kennedy

Male Champions of Change (MCC) use their individual and collective leadership to elevate gender equality as an issue of national and international social and economic importance. We listen, learn and lead with action to achieve significant and sustainable change.


Russell Kennedy recognises that male staff members can play an important role in achieving gender equality at the firm, within the legal profession, in the business community and in society.

The RK MCC initiative provides a framework for male staff members at Russell Kennedy to become champions of change and actively promote and advocate for gender equality. The role of a RK Champion is to address the challenges in advancing gender equality and to work to bring about change alongside women.

The RK MCC initiative supports the firm’s Gender Equality Strategy launched in March 2017 and complements the work of our female leaders and the Russell Kennedy Women’s Network.

Russell Kennedy’s commitment to gender equality has recently been publically recognised by the granting of an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (EOCGE) citation from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency citation. The citation was awarded after a significant amount of work and implementation of changes, such as introducing a more favourable paid parental leave policy, flexible work arrangements, gender pay equity audits and education in the gender diversity space.


RK’s MCC pledges

The RK Champions have pledged in four areas consistent with the firm’s gender equality strategy being:

  1. Flexibility;
  2. Gender composition;
  3. Gender pay equity; and
  4. Leader and manager capability.

The RK approach involves listening and talking to female leaders, gender experts and Russell Kennedy colleagues (both women and men) about gender equality, what it means and how it can be achieved. Learning about (and from) existing thinking on gender equality issues and understanding what has and hasn’t worked in the past. This participatory process has translated into practical actions, tracking the impact of our actions – including progress made, challenges and lessons learned.

The MCC pledges are made in line with gender equality issues relevant to the Champion’s practice group/service unit and in accordance with their seniority and experience.

A selection of examples for pledges to be made by the MCC from the relevant Gender Equality Strategy areas are set out below, noting that pledges are not limited to the examples below and that there are no minimum or maximum number of pledges which can be made.


We support flexible workplace arrangements for both women and men and promote positive workplace conditions and attitudes ensuring that women and men are not discriminated against due to flexible workplace arrangements.

Gender composition

Our Champions are spokespersons for gender balance, individually and collectively. Sharing experiences and ideas for advancing gender balance. They are taking proactive steps to understand and avoid gender stereotypes and unconscious biases, acknowledging that gender balance benefits everyone.

We are implementing policies and practices that eliminate gender discrimination and seeking gender balance in our client teams, at conferences, on speaking panels, boards and committees and where there is not gender balance, raising gender balance with the event organisers.

We have also adopted equitable briefing practices when briefing barristers.

Gender pay equity

Supporting equal pay for women and men at Russell Kennedy, within the legal profession, people within the business community and in society generally.

Leader and manager capability

Displaying leadership through being a role model for positive workplace conditions, cultures and attitudes to ensure men and women have equal opportunity for promotion within Russell Kennedy.

Promoting the recruitment, development and retention of staff for senior positions based on merit and gender diversity.